Wednesday, December 1, 2010


Your US Personal Shopper

Wanted to purchase stuff from US Website but just couldnt find the right person to help you? Here is you chance!! Only pay RM20 service charge per order

I help people to purchase stuff from US online shopping site with HASSLE FREE steps.
I will purchase the good personallly now as I have a lot of free time. Therefor i will help you purchase the items personally and ship them to you within 2 to 3 weeks, so you can save on the shipping cost and also time
so if you need my help, please follow the steps below:

Browse Through the US website and copy the link.
1) Place the link on ur email and send it to my email address(, please copy the link directly as the double paste doesnt work on the 2nd pasting.
2) Then I will send you the item qoutation(US Website --> My Warehouse).
3) Confirm you order by bank-in or deposit & wait for the item to arrived at my warehouse.
4) When the item arrived at my warehouse, then i will send u the shipping fee quotation from US--> YOU. Then, bank-in or deposit the shipping fee to my acc.
4) Items will reach you house within 10days.

Terms and Condition:
1)No cancellation of refund once you have confirmed and paid ur order. I dont do refund or exchange.
2) If you items is out of stock, I will credit the amount back to your bank.
3) Price qouted is according the the exchange rate, therefore it will only last for 10 days.
4) Please make payment within 48 hours after order confirmation.

Shipping Cost
US ground shipping is a standard rate, once I have placed the order for you, they will ship the items to my warehouse.
International shipping will be based on the weight of the items, so remember the more you pruchase the more you save on international shipping. I am using Fedex/DHL for the international shipping as they provide a very good service, I never encounter any problem with my parcel while shipping with them. However I do not encourage poeple to purchase electronics gadgets as they are mostly heavy, and might end up costing more than the actual price.



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