Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Drugstore.com Spree #1

Hi Dolls, do join our Drugstore.com Spree

What You Pay?
Shipping charges, including the base charge (volume) and weight charges.

Why Purchase with us ? How does it works ? Any sales tax required ?
Anwers :
♥ You're free to buy from Any U.S. retailers online, wholesalers or eBay sellers. You can now shop with many U.S do not accept non-U.S cards.
♥ Save on the cost of shipping. Most merchants do not ship internationally. Those that do, charge expensive shipping rates. Now, you can shop with multiple merchants and consolidate your orders.
♥ We buy for you and coordinate the logistics with the U.S. merchant.

Price Quotation
♥ Simply post a comment below/email hazbeah@gmail.com by providing the URL(s) of your desired items for Price Quotation
♥ Please confirm your order before the deadline of the spree
♥ Quoted Price will include US Shipping fees, International Fees, Taxes and Handling Fees
♥ We accept payment via MBB/CIMB Bank Fund Transfer Or via deposit machine or Giro transfer online
♥ Please email me hazbeah@gmail.com for any quotations
♥ For bulk/wholesales orders, please email me for quotations

Delivery Period
Please wait around 3-4 weeks for the items to arrive in Malaysia after I placed order from merchants, if there is no customs delay.
For spree, each merchants is closed when order reached minimum spree's amount, else order will not be placed.
Please join the spree only if you are willing to wait.

Any flammable items such as hair spray, perfume, nail polish CANNOT be ordered.
Batteries, bullion, currency, firearms, pornography, Drugs (prescription) / Narcotics (illegal), Counterfeit or Pirated goods or material, weapon is illegal to carry in the country.
I will NOT RESPONSIBLE for any damages, wrong shades, different shapes,color or texture of the items that caused from the shipping or the seller and cataclysm unless the merchant agree to refund to me.
Last minute of cancellation unaccepted once spree closed and ordered.

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